Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Melody is coming todayyyyyyy!!~!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

postmaster general

I have been really impressed with the USMail lately.

I shipped out a letter on saturday afternoon from winter park, florida and my friend recieved it monday early afternoon in......san francisco, california!!!!! I didn't think mail people worked on weekends. 

Today I am waiting for a shipment from New Jersey that was sent out last night....It's on the Fed-Ex truck to get to me any minute this afternoon!!!! It's amazing!!!

Needless to say I wanted to know more about the mail system after i've been so impressed:
  • Benjamin Franklin was the 1st Postmaster General
  • The Post Office is older than both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Until 1971, The Postmaster General was in the Presidents Cabinet
  • Until 1971, The Postmaster General was in the Presidential line of succession!!!! (the postman could've been the president!!!!)
  • John E. Potter is the current Postmaster General and CEO of the USPostal Service, becoming the 72nd General, sworn in on June 1, 2001.
i like to ride my bicycle to the post office.