Monday, July 28, 2008


****I'm Proud To Be An AMERICAN!!!!

The photographic timetable of events today.....

Goodbye Green Card  : (    I loved that thing.

Hello new U.S Citizen Certificate

Hellooooooooo RED WHITE & BLUE!!!

(one thing, they make you say this real creepy oath.... you swear to renounce allegiance to all other countries, states, princes & potentstates & that you will fight and basically do WHATEVER the U.S. asks you to do..... and the guy running the ceremony kept saying to everyone "are you sure you don't wanna back out now?.... last chance"

He also kept telling us "You know this is your choice, nobody made you choose to do this".... that part was really weird. Then.... I kid you not...they played A MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!! of..... I'm proud to be an American!!! Where at least I know I'm freeeeeeeee....

I was kind of embarassed to be there honestly.. haha.. people were tearing up and waving their little american flags that we got....probably made in taiwan ; )

Anyhow. I guess I'm a naturalized immigrant now. 


*Ruthie said...

okay... i hate to point this out now on this blog that gov't officials are obviously reading... but i'm pretty sure you were not SINGLE in July 2008. (See Certificate of Naturalization above.) You are a fraud. And therefore... a terrorist. now... look in the mirror. is there a red light on your chest?

*Ruthie said...

this blog BLOWS.

Neda said...

Hello my love! Now that we're both American, are we going to have to change our organization's name to 'National' Presidential Potential Patrol?